Hulu debuts New York Times docuseries, covering COVID-19, Breonna Taylor and more

If you’re a fan of a good documentary, keep an eye out for Hulu’s newest series: “The New York Times Presents.”

In a partnership with FX and Hulu, the docuseries will cover event plucked right from recent headlines, including:

  • They Get Brave: A look at the lives of doctors and nurses in New York City at the height of the coronavirus pandemic
  • A profile of Dominic Fike, a young musician who taken from relative obscurity and given a multi-million dollar record deal
  • A look at the killing of Breonna Taylor by police in Louisville, Kentucky

The 10 episode series will begin Friday, July 10 with episodes being released monthly. Every documentary will have its own producer and reporters. The New York Times Presents is from the same team behind the Times’ “The Weekly” series (a collection of 30 half-hour documentaries) already on Hulu, but executives say Presents will likely be much more topically driven than character-driven.

Since the series is being produced by FX, the episodes will air on the cable network at the same time (Friday nights) they get released on Hulu.

If you’re interested in checking things out and you’re not a subscriber already, Hulu does offer a free trial period to test drive the service.

Artie Beaty