Hulu Ditching Weekly Episode Model, Offering “Shut Eye” Binge

Hulu is known for their “weekly rollout” model where new episodes of shows are released one or two a week, but they’re breaking that model for their new drama Shut Eye and offering up all 10 episodes at once.

Shut Eye will be released on Hulu on December 7, and follows a former magician and current con man who runs a small chain of fortune telling stores in Los Angeles until he a blow to the head causes him to be have visions and realize the error of his ways.

The “all episodes at one” practice is fairly common for Netflix and Amazon Video, but it’s new territory for Hulu. From most reports, this is a one time change for Hulu in an attempt to capitalize on viewers who might have time off for the holidays.

You can catch the first look teaser trailer for Hulu below.