Hulu Joins The 4K Fray Starting With Originals And James Bond


4K video is the newest “big thing” in television, so of course there’s an arms race of sorts for streaming video providers to make sure they’re offering it. Netflix and Amazon have had 4K video for a while (although Netflix just announced 4K streaming for the PC in November), so you knew it wouldn’t be long before everyone was clamoring to catch up.

Starting today, Hulu is joining the 4K streaming mix.

To start, Hulu 4K access if going to be only for a fairly limited section of Hulu subscribers. It’s only available through streaming via an Xbox One S or PlayStation 4, and it’s only for Hulu original titles plus 20 selected James Bond films. Add in the fact that a Hulu rep says customers will need an Internet connection of 13 Mbps or faster to take full advantage of 4K, and you’ve got to have a pretty specific technology combination to watch Hulu in 4K.

Hulu does plan to expand 4K support to more devices in 2017 though (including Roku players, Google’s Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV boxes) and to more content, but their initial offerings seem fairly limited compared to their competitors. Still though, it’s a decent start for Hulu, and a potentially great sign for things to come.