Broadcast networks are the key to Hulu live streaming service

Hulu has one thing its competitors are salivating for: A good working relationship with three of the four broadcast networks. As a result, it’s new live streaming service, could have incredible reach, according to research analysts.

Hulu is owned by three of the four broadcast networks, with CBS being the odd-man out. MoffettNathanson Research believes Hulu has an advantage in building a successful over-the-top service, with access to a possible 40 percent in addition to the reach of the broadcast networks have as a core base, according to a report from MediaPost.

But MoffettNathanson says the challenge is that broadcast networks do not control all its stations nationally. that creates a complicated scenario when it comes to networks’ OTT deals with their broadcast affiliates.

The research group believes Hulu is going to charge $40 per month for the service, which could be low enough depending on which stations are available to subscribers.

The service is due out sometime this year.