Hulu Nabs Big Network Names For Their Upcoming Live TV Service

Hulu has plans to be a major player in the live TV streaming market, and they just nabbed some big names to help with that goal.

The streaming service announced a deal with Disney and Fox that adds 35 networks (the ABC, ESPN and Fox families) to their live lineup. This deal comes on the heels of another agreement Hulu just signed with Time Warner for CNN, TBS, and TNT.

Hulu’s live TV service is expected to launch in 2017, with a price tag of about $40 a month.

The content that made Hulu what it is today (on demand streaming) will still be around, and Hulu will still be producing its own content, but the live TV will be a complement to their current offerings.

DirecTV and AT&T have a similar skinny TV bundle coming soon, and Sling TV (about $20 a month to start) and PlayStation Vue ($40 a month to start) are already finding success in this market.

If Hulu is aiming to make an impact in this market, they’re certainly off on the right path.