Hulu officially rolling out a watch party feature

Since gathering with friends to watch television is still mostly frowned upon, Hulu is rolling out an option to virtually watch together.

Starting this week, Hulu is testing a “watch party” feature that lets viewers watch content at the same time no matter how far apart they are. Right now, it’s only available to subscribers who have the no-ad version on and it’s only for on-demand content.

What’s the advantage of a watch party? You can chat in real-time with any number of people and you can pause your own feedback if you need a break. When you return, you can click “catch up” to get to where everyone else is.

There have been third-party apps that accomplished this same thing on Netflix and HBO, but this is the first time this feature is official on Hulu. Watch parties were a growing trend even before quarantines went into effect, so it’s nice to see a service give users the option.

To start a Hulu watch party, navigate to your chosen content, click the “Watch Party” icon and select friends to invite.

Artie Beaty