Hulu Offline Access “A Few Months” Away According to CEO


Following the footsteps of all the other top streaming services, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins has announced offline access to content should be coming “in a few months.”

It’s been expected for a few months that Hulu would go down this path, especially considering the waves Netflix made when it announced the feature. But the news was confirmed in an interview with AdWeek, when Hopkins said the company is currently working on both the technology and the rights.

In that same interview, Hulu’s CEO talked about the company’s place in the streaming landscape, and spoke about how recently added features (user profiles and cloud DVR) are necessary to stay competitive.

How exactly Hulu would implement the feature isn’t clear. But it would probably be pretty similar to how Amazon and Netflix handle it, with only certain content downloadable at first. When Netflix rolled out the feature, only their original shows could be downloaded, but other titles quickly joined the fold.

The offline feature for Netflix has proven especially popular with people who travel often, since access to Wi-Fi is often either spotty or costly (or both, if you’re on an airplane), so it’s nice to see Hulu trying to stay in the game.