Hulu Picks Up ‘Futurama,’ ‘Bob’s Burgers,’ and ‘American Dad!’

Many Netflix subscribers were tearing their hair out in frustration a few weeks ago when it was announced that Matt Groening’s epic sci-fi/comedy series Futurama would be leaving Netflix. Futurama holds a special place in many fans’ hearts who are adamant in their belief that past seasons get better with every rewatch. In response to Netflix losing the series, fans took to social media to post scathing and satirical memes bashing the streaming service. It turns out that it wasn’t all Netflix’s choice, though; the owner of Futurama, 21st Century Fox, also holds a large stake (30%) in another streaming service: Hulu. In what could be the beginning of a huge subscriber boost, Hulu has just announced the acquisition of several popular adult animation series including Futurama.

According to a press release Hulu issued yesterday, Hulu has picked up Futurama, Bob’s Burgers, American Dad! and The Cleveland Show. Hulu’s Vice President of Content Acquisition Lisa Holme says the acquisition continues Hulu’s strategy of offering the best animation on the market:

Since our inception, one of the things that has consistently remained true is that Hulu viewers love animation. That’s why we are incredibly proud to offer even more beloved animated comedies through this new deal.

While Netflix has been busy cranking out original animated series, Hulu has been signing deals for some of the most popular animated comedies on television. These series all fall under a new category sometimes referred to as “adult animated sitcoms.” Hulu’s library already features other adult animated sitcoms like South Park, Rick & Morty, The Boondocks, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Adventure Time, Squidbillies and Venture Bros, Family Guy, Archer and The Simpsons. Could these series signal that Hulu is developing a niche for itself in the adult animation world? No other streaming service offers such a wide selection of this extremely popular genre of animation.

Hulu will begin adding the complete libraries of Futurama, Bob’s Burgers, American Dad! and The Cleveland Show over the next few weeks.