Hulu Purchases The Video Genome Project Ahead Of Live TV Launch

Looking ahead to its introduction of a live streaming TV service, Hulu has announced a pretty big acquisition that should make that service much better – the Video Genome Project.

What’s the Video Genome Project? It’s admittedly not a household name, but they hold one of the biggest, organized databases of video content on the web. Their technology aggregates metadata from videos and classifies it into small, specific genres, then connects that video with other titles far beyond basic info like a certain actor or director,

In short, it means the recommendations section is about to be very specifically tuned, and will provide videos that might not have been obvious connections. The advantage here for Hulu is that they don’t have to build their own classification system.

The VGP already has millions of bits of metadata in their database, which will pair with Hulu’s recommendation system that’s already in place.

The new technology should be in place by the first quarter of 2017, just in time for Hulu’s live TV launch.