Hulu Reveals Their First Super Bowl Commercial For An Original Show (Watch Here)

There’s sure to be a lot of (legal and otherwise) betting come Super Bowl Sunday, but streaming giant Hulu will be making a bet on themselves. The company is shelling out the cash for a Super Bowl commercial on February 5, and it’s not for their high anticipated live TV service that’s on the way.

Instead, viewers will see a 30 second promo some time in the second quarter for Hulu original The Handmaid’s Tale – the very first “big game” commercial from the company for one of their original shows. The series is based off of the Margaret Atwood novel of the same name, and will make its Hulu premier on April 26.

Handmaid’s Tale takes place in a dystopian world where women are resigned to be nothing more than baby incubators and servants. The Super Bowl commercial reveals that women no longer even have names, referred to only as “Offred,” “Ofglen,” and “Ofcharles” (for their commanders using them to bear children their wives can’t).

In this commercial, Elisabeth Moss portrays Offred, the show’s main protagonist. With a husband and a child in her former life, she sets out to fight the radicals that have taken over and reclaim what she used to have. The series is shaping up to be one of Hulu’s most promising original shows, so it’s easy to see why they think it’s worth the investment.

A Super Bowl commercial isn’t entirely new territory for the company, as they released a 2009 Super Bowl commercial starring Alec Baldwin and a 2012 commercial to promote Hulu Plus. But this does mark the first time they’ve promoted one of their own shows.

With an estimated cost of $5 million, it’s certainly a big gamble for Hulu. Like many companies, Hulu has released their spot early on YouTube (or you can take a look below).