Hulu ditching its free service for subscription-only model


Hulu is no longer offering a free, ad-supported streaming service, but that doesn’t mean all of its content is no longer available if you don’t have a subscription.

The streamer this week announced it was moving to a subscription-only model, reports The Verge. But happening simultaneously is a new streaming service by Yahoo called “Yahoo View,” which, coincidentally, features Hulu content. Viewers can see the five most recent episodes of some of the more popular broadcast shoes for free.

In other words, if you like Hulu’s free service, it’s not technically going away. Someone else is just paying for it now.

Going to a subscription-only model was expected for Hulu as it prepares to launch a live streaming service in the first quarter of 2017. Hulu, owned by Walt Disney (ABC and ESPN), 21st Century Fox and Comcast (NBC, Bravo, etc.) plans to offer a skinny bundle at about $30 per month that’s expected to compete against Sling TV and traditional pay TV offerings.

For those looking forward to watching content on their television from Yahoo View shouldn’t get too excited. For now, Yahoo View is only available on desktop web viewing. Mobile apps are promised in the future, according to a media release.