Hulu Slots Comedies and Documentaries for Summer Lineup

Hulu is about to roll out one of their most high-profile originals thus far with next month’s The Handmaid’s Tale, which stars Elisabeth Moss in an adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s classic dystopian novel. It’s heavy material, to say the least, so there’s a good chance viewers are going to need something lighter as a palate cleanser once they finish their Handmaid binge. Fear not — Hulu has got your back.

Hulu has announced premiere dates for several original films and shows rolling out over the summer months, including a pair of intriguing documentaries and the return of two hit sitcoms.

Executive produced by Jason Reitman (Thank You for Smoking), Casual focuses on recently divorced mom Valerie (Michaela Watkins) and her daughter Laura (Tara Lynne Barr), who both move in with Valerie’s single brother Alex (Tommy Dewey) to try and make a new life for themselves. According to EW, season three will find Valerie moving out and the trio exploring “new jobs, romantic partners, and unfollowed dreams while also searching for a semblance of normal.” Casual‘s 13-episode third season will premiere on Hulu on May 23.

Also returning this summer is another popular Hulu sitcom, Difficult People. The show stars Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner as a pair of bitter aspiring comedians living in New York City. In season three, Billy will find (theoretical) love with a new love interest played by Star Trek‘s John Cho. Julie is on an equally tumultuous path. Banned from the anti-depressants that have been keeping her afloat, she becomes desperate to find something else as a replacement. Difficult People returns to Hulu on August 8.

On the documentary front, Hulu will kick off the summer with Batman & Bill, a new film looking at one half of the creative team that gave the world the Caped Crusader. Bob Kane often gets (and took) the credit, but writer Bill Finger was just as important to defining the Dark Knight, designing Batman’s costume, among other things. Author Marc Tyler Nobleman serves as guide as Batman & Bill delves into the life of a too-often-overlooked creative mind who helped birth one of the most iconic fictional characters of the 20th century. Batman & Bill premieres May 6.

Speaking of larger-than-life pop-culture icons, the name is Bond..James Bond. But the Bond in the spotlight of the new Hulu documentary Becoming Bond is one of the more obscure ones. Car mechanic-turned-actor George Lazenby played the British spy for only a single film, 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. He was handed the keys to one of the biggest movie franchises of all time…and he walked away after one film. The story of why promises to be far more fascinating than Lazenby’s solo outing as 007. Becoming Bond debuts on Hulu on May 20.

What do you think? Is it enough to merit a Hulu subscription?