‘Human Flow’ Trailer: Amazon’s Refugee Documentary Looks Haunting and Heartbreaking

Amazon Studios is set to debut its much-hyped refugee documentary Human Flow this fall, and now they’ve finally released the first trailer. If you’ve got a shred of empathy in your body, even the just trailer is deeply upsetting — as it should be. This one definitely has the whiff of Oscar prospects about it, but much more importantly, this looks to be a movie that should be required viewing for anyone caring to weigh in on subjects like immigration or how to deal with the millions of refugees fleeing wartorn countries in search of new homes.

Shot in 23 countries around the world by acclaimed Chinese filmmaker Ai Weiwei, Human Flow chronicles a year in the life of the global refugee crisis that is only growing worse. Al Weiwei visited countries such as Afghanistan, France, Greece, Germany, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kenya, and Turkey, capturing stark and tragic scenes of desperate people running up against the legal and societal bullwarks of countries unprepared or unsure of how to accommodate them…or if they’re even willing to try.

Amazon Studios partnered with Participant Media to distribute the film, which is set to hit theaters on October 13 here in the States. It will then make the leap across the pond for a UK/Ireland run early in 2018. There’s no official date about when Human Flow will hit Amazon Prime, but we’d anticipate a mid- to late-2018 target for the film to join the Prime catalog.

Al Weiwei’s direction looks superb, capturing a difficult and complex subject matter in beautiful visual form without disguising any of its horror. Whatever your political leanings, the refugee crisis isn’t going away anytime soon, so Human Flow looks to be an important contribution to the ongoing discussion of how to handle it…and just what it says about our collective humanity if we shrink from the challenge.