This Interactive Map Shows How Much Money Every Member of Congress Has Received from ISPs, Their Position on Net Neutrality, and How to Contact Them

On June 11, 2018, net neutrality officially died. Calling the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality controversial would be a massive understatement. And with midterm elections upon us, it’s yet another issue many will consider when deciding between candidates or parties.

Late last year, The Verge published a piece detailing exactly how much money each of the 535 members of Congress took from the ISP industry. In an effort to help voters better understand how their local lawmakers may have been influenced by ISPs, we decided to take things a step further.

Below is an interactive map that has updated data showing contributions every member of Congress has received from ISPs (thanks to The Center for Responsive Politics for running the numbers for us), their position on net neutrality (for, against, or unknown), and how you can contact them to have your voice heard.


How to Use the Map

The map below is interactive and simple to use. You can filter by Senators or members of the House of Representatives (tip: the map is easiest to use when you choose only one category at a time). Simply tap the icon in the top right corner to reveal the legend.

To see how much your state’s Senators have taken from ISPs and how they stand on the issue, check the Senators box on the right of the map and then click anywhere on your state.

You can see how much money your local representatives in the House have taken from ISPs by selecting the “Representatives” filter on the right side and then clicking on the pin icon on the upper left-hand corner of the map.  From there, simply click on the area of the map near where you live to see info on your local rep.

We hope you’ll find this tool useful!

*Editor’s Note: Depending on your mobile device, you may find the map displays best when turning your device sideways. For the best experience, you can view the map on desktop.