Jake Gyllenhaal to Star in World War II Flick ‘The Lost Airman’ for Amazon

Amazon Studios continues to line up high-profile projects and top-tier talent for their original films and co-productions. Now they’re adding Academy Award-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal to their roster. The Brokeback Mountain star will headline Amazon StudiosThe Lost Airman, a World War II adventure project based on a true story.

THR reports that Amazon has picked up the movie rights to Seth Meyerowitz’s 2016 nonfiction book The Lost Airman: A True Story of Escape from Nazi Occupied France. The Lost Airman is the story of B-24 turret-gunner Arthur Meyerowitz, a Bronx kid who was shot down over Nazi-occupied France during his second mission in the air. Trapped behind enemy lines, Meyerowitz thankfully picked the right farmhouse door to knock on. Inside, he found a family who were no fans of the Nazis, and who also had ties to French resistance leader Marcel Taillandier. With Taillandier’s help, Meyerowitz bounced from one safe house to another, evading the Gestapo for more than six months. Eventually, he and his allies staged a bold escape plan to get Meyerowitz out of Nazi territory and back home.

The book — and now the film — are based on “recently declassified material,” so this isn’t a story we’ve seen before, and it’s definitely got all the makings of a crackerjack night at the movies. Just check out this bit from the Amazon synopsis:

The Lost Airman tells the tense and riveting story of Arthur’s trying months in Toulouse — masquerading as a deaf mute and working with a downed British pilot to evade the Nazis — and of his hair-raising journey to freedom involving a perilous trek over the Pyrenees and a voyage aboard a fishing boat with U-boats lurking below and Luftwaffe fighters looming above.

The script practically writes itself. (But don’t tell that to whomever they hire to write the actual screenplay.)

In addition to starring as Meyerowitz, Gyllenhaal will also produce The Lost Airman through his Nine Stories production company.