John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’ Relaunches on CBS All-Access

In the midst of quarantines all across America, actor John Krasinski launched recorded a simple YouTube newscast with a simple question: “Why has there never been a news show dedicated entirely to good news?”

Over the next eight episodes, “Some Good News” quickly gained a following as people clamored for simple uplifting stories. The series quickly racked up millions of followers and saw viral successes like a mini-reunion of The Office and a reunion of the original Broadway cast of Hamilton.

The show was still gaining popularity when Krasinki suddenly announced an end to the series on May 18. Fans were left wondering what was going on, as it’s not like he had other filming projects to take up his time.

The answer to what happened though came later that week when the actor appeared on CBS This Morning to announce an exclusive deal with the news network. “Some Good News” is headed for CBS All-Access. And unfortunately, Krasinski will no longer host (but he will have an on-screen presence).

Apparently, calls asking to sell the series came as early as after the premiere episode. Krasinki resisted those calls until the numbers just got to the point he couldn’t turn them down.

Of course, a lot of fans aren’t happy about the move. Instead of being shown to a huge audience on a free platform, the series is now behind a subscription on a much smaller scale and it’s changing formats. Despite the criticism though, there’s a good chance the series still finds success.

If you’re interested in seeing how the new series plays out, CBS All-Access does offer a free trial. After that, it’s $5.99 a month.

Artie Beaty