J.P. Morgan Predicts Disney+ Will Rival Netflix with 160 Million Subscribers

Disney+ ReviewNetflix’s time as undisputed king of the streaming world may soon come to an end. Make that will definitely soon come to an end. The entire streaming market is holding its collective breath ahead of the upcoming debut of Disney+, the subscription-based streaming service Disney will unveil sometime in 2019. When Disney first announced the service, the media behemoth began pulling its content from Netflix ahead of the release, a move which sent shock waves through the streaming world. Now, investment bank and financial services leader J.P. Morgan has told its clients that it predicts Disney’s streaming service will rival Netflix and potentially even pull in more customers. Is everyone else as excited as Disney+ as I am?

Netflix executives probably aren’t, although I predict many of them will subscribe to Disney+ in shameful secrecy. This week, J.P. Morgan analyst Alexia Quadrani informed clients that Disney’s upcoming streaming service is looking more and more like a sure financial bet based on the content the service will launch with and the proven track record Disney has with stellar media products.

“While there is little question there are more direct-to-consumer services today than ultimately should survive, we have no doubt that Disney+ remains on the short list of products that should prevail longer-term,” Quadrani said this week. “Our confidence in the resilient success of Disney+ comes from the company’s unmatched brand recognition, extensive premium content, and unparalleled ecosystem to market the service.”

When Disney+ began pulling its content from other streaming services, Netflix stock immediately fell. And why not? Disney owns the rights to some of the biggest and most lucrative media franchises in the world: Pixar animation, Marvel Studios, the Star Wars media empire, and of course the massive library of new and classic films that Walt Disney Studios has produced over the years. What could possibly stop Disney+?