Netflix’s ‘Marco Polo’ Canceled After 2 Seasons And $200 Million Loss

For Netflix right now, not too many shows are being canceled, but Marco Polo has come to an end of exploring after two seasons. It’s the first Netflix original scripted series that wasn’t picked up for a third season, and only the fourth overall to be sent packing.

What went wrong? The show had epic sets and a large budget, and while the first season was well received, critics were never really sold. The second season debuted quietly and only went downhill from there. Some estimates figure that Marco Polo brought in a loss of $200 million over its two seasons.

Netflix doesn’t release any actual ratings numbers, so it’s tough to say just how poorly the show did in comparison with other products. Numbers aside though, people simply weren’t watching.

The show was produced by The Weinstein Company, and had an international, diverse cast. This isn’t the end of the road for Weinstein, as they already have another period drama in production.

The good thing about the show being on Netflix though, is that it will always be there for people to revisit. When a network TV show gets the axe, it often just vanishes, but the work that went into Marco Polo will live on.