MLB Network and MLB Network Strike Zone Are Now On Sling TV

MLB Opening Day is today, and Sling TV has some great news for existing and current customers. Starting today, Sling TV now carries MLB Network and MLB Network Strike Zone, two highly requested channels which carry over 150 regular season MLB games. Batter up!

These two new all-MLB channels bring much more than games, though. In addition to carrying a huge chunk of regular season games, these two channels offer original programming, highlights, and analysis to keep the baseball fanatic in your house informed with all the developments from around the league.

In a press release, Sling TV vice president of programming Dana McLeod says the addition of these two Major League Baseball channels came based solely on customer feedback.  “With MLB season finally upon us, we are thrilled to give customers even more choices with the launch of MLB Network and Strike Zone in our Sports Extra add-on,” said McLeod. “MLB Network and Strike Zone offer programming that die-hard baseball fans live for and bring highly-requested content to Sling customers not only during baseball season but also during spring training, postseason and beyond.”

MLB Network offers the ultimate television destination for baseball fans, carrying regular and postseason telecasts, highlights, analysis, and original programs like MLB Tonight and Quick Pitch. Meanwhile, MLB Network Strike Zone offers commercial-free, up-to-the-minute highlights and updates from around the league, plus the most updated scores, standings, and statistics throughout the MLB season.

Both MLB Network and MLB Network Strike Zone will be available in the “Sports Extra” add-on package available to Sling Orange customers for $5/month and to Sling Blue subscribers for $10/month. Sling Orange customers can also watch MLB games on ESPN, ESPN2, and TBS, while Sling Blue customers can access games on Fox Sports 1, FOX, TBS, and regional sports networks.