myNetworkTV Is Now Live on DIRECTV NOW

If you’re a DIRECTV NOW subscriber, you might have found a nice little surprise in your channel lineup recently. DIRECTV NOW has confirmed that several markets now have MyNetworkTV available as a part of their offerings.

MyNetworkTV is actually owned by Fox, and first began back in 2006. They covered 96% of the USA at the time, mainly on stations that were former affiliates of the WB or UPN who chose not to go over to the new CW. The network has mostly classic movies and reruns of recent broadcast TV shows, but also features live local sports like soccer and lacrosse in some cities. Today, the network broadcasts in over 200 cities around the country.

Subscribers report that PlayStation Vue has had the channel available for some time now, so it’s a nice addition for DIRECTV NOW subscribers. This network isn’t quite a dealbreaker that would make a person choose one service over another, but you can bet DIRECTV NOW is happy to be matching Vue’s offering.

The network is notable today because they broadcast ten hours of primetime programming each week, Monday through Friday evenings from 8 to 10 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. It’s one of only two broadcast networks in the entire nation that doesn’t schedule primetime shows on weekends.

In cities where this channel is available, it can usually be picked up with an antenna, so it’s one that’s available to people without cable. But it’s never a bad thing to have more offerings available, so most DIRECTV NOW subscribers should be happy with this addition. This should be especially popular with people who live in cities that have local sports broadcast on the network, as there’s likely no other streaming method available for those games.

To see if MyNetworkTV is available in your area, you can use DIRECTVNOW’s local channel search.