National Women’s Soccer League matches to stream on Twitch and CBS All-Access

Although the Twitch streaming platform is synonymous with video gaming, Amazon is hoping to expand it to another type of game starting in April – National Women’s Soccer League matches.

The league announced this week they’ve reached agreements with Twitch and CBS All Access to stream live matches from the upcoming season (which, at the time of this writing, is still scheduled to kick off April 18).

You’ll find 24 matches from the 2020 season on Twitch for free, part of a deal that extends two more years after this one. CBS will stream 87 more matches, with 71 of them being available exclusively through All Access.

Twitch also becomes the NWSL international streaming partner, meaning all 108 matches in the regular season plus the playoffs will be available everywhere outside the United States for free.

This marks the first time the NWSL will have such a large potential audience, and the league hopes it sparks an interest in women’s soccer overall. And if it goes well, you can expect other smaller sports leagues that don’t have a lot of television coverage to follow the same path. This won’t be entirely new territory for Amazon and Twitch though, as they already stream NBA G League games (the official minor league of the NBA) and National Women’s Hockey League contests.

Artie Beaty