NBC considering all-day streaming for Today show

If you’re a fan of NBC’s Today, you could soon get your fix 24 hours a day instead of just mornings.

In a recent memo to staff, NBC said they were considering different streaming options for Today, and among those options was a 24-hour streaming channel that not only airs live content, but fan-favorite segments from its immense library.

Should this project eventually come to fruition, it’s almost certain it will find a home on Peacock, NBC’s upcoming streaming service.

This would hardly be new ground for Today, as most of its anchors already do digital-only content. Whether it’s the “Dad’s Got This” segment from Craig Melvin that takes a look at “dads across the country who are making a difference in their kids’ lives” or the “Cold Cuts” segment with Al Roker where he invites celebrities to talk about their life while making their favorite sandwich, there’s already a good deal of content that television only viewers don’t get.

Ultimately, NBC wants Today to be more than just a TV show. In fact, they want the show itself to just be “one piece of a larger ‘Today’ brand that people are interacting with,” Noah Oppenheim, NBC News president said to Variety in January.

Ashley Parrish, vice president of strategic content and digital for Today, told employees that some current staff would be shifted to the digital side of things and around 30 new people could be hired as well.

Of course, since this is still in the “staff memo” phase, it’s still a long way away, and might not even happen. But, since main rival Good Morning America has made a strong push towards streaming, it’s likely Today will do the same.   

Artie Beaty