Netflix Adds Offline Viewing To Windows 10 App

If you’re a Windows 10 user who views Netflix through the app, you got some good news this week: you can finally download Netflix content for offline viewing. Netflix has had the option for offline viewing since last year for Android and iOS users, but the jump to Windows has been on hold until now.

Like with the mobile apps, there are some limitations as to what content you can download for later viewing. Most Netflix originals are available, but also third party shows like The Office, Breaking Bad, and Star Trek. Outside of originals, there really doesn’t seem to be any reasoning as to what shows you can save for offline

Netflix says the update should be available to all users today through the Windows Store. The update is being rolled out in stages, but it should be open to all users pretty soon. It’s not clear yet whether the Windows 10 Mobile or the Xbox One version of the Netflix app will be getting a similar update, but updates to those apps are likely coming.

If you’re new to downloading Netflix, it’s a pretty simple premise. Shows that can be downloaded will have a special “download” button located beside the “play” button. Downloaded shows will then be available for viewing later offline under a “My Downloads” tab. In most cases, downloaded shows will be available for 30 days, and can only be downloaded a small handful of times each. Downloading a show of course uses data, but watching a downloaded show later uses none at all. Shows will be downloaded in their highest quality, making this feature especially popular with people who might not have the fastest internet connection.

If you want to see everything you can download, click the “Available for Download” tab in the top left of the screen.