How Netflix’s Movie Library Compares to Amazon Prime and HBO Now

We all know Netflix has great original TV series. However, there’s no denying that its movie library has suffered over the last couple of years. However, we also know that people love to complain and moan about Netflix’s library, yet subscriber numbers are still doing well.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of competitors on the horizon looking to topple Netflix from the mountain. Amazon Prime, for instance, is putting more effort behind letting the world know about its free streaming library. And HBO is working hard to get subscribers for HBO Now, continuing to produce top rated shows and offer a deep library of popular movies.

So while Netflix’s movie library may have declined, you have to wonder how it stacks up against its competitors. In order to analyze the quality of movies on each service, we turned to Rotten Tomatoes current list of Certified Fresh movies.

The page allows you to sort by streaming service. Granted, it’s missing a few services that people watch movies on such as Hulu, but we still find it extremely useful when trying to decide what to watch. Using the tool, we took a look at Certified Fresh movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now. Here’s what we found.

Note: The page labels HBO’s service as HBO Go, which requires a cable login. It’s essentially the same service as HBO Now, which you can purchase as a standalone option.


Netflix has the most Certified Fresh movies with a total of 357.

Despite complaints about Netflix’s movie library, it’s clear it is still the king of streaming services. Take a look at the numbers below.

Only 15% of Rotten Tomatoes Certified Fresh movies are on Netflix.

Although Netflix is in the lead, subscribing to Netflix alone leaves you without a way to watch 85% of what Rotten Tomatoes considers to be the top movies.
netflix availability

Amazon Prime has 121 fewer Certified Fresh movies than Netflix.

Amazon Prime is in a distant second place, which is interesting since Todd Spangler of Variety points out that Prime’s library is four times bigger than Netflix’s. However, with 236 Certified Fresh movies in its library, many movie lovers might find the service useful… especially since the odds are that they’re already paying for Prime for the 2-day shipping. And a bit of clicking around will show you that there’s not a whole lot of overlap with the Netflix library, so combining the services should keep you busy with movies for quite some time.


HBO Now only has about one-seventh as many Certified Fresh movies as Netflix.

One thing is abundantly clear, while you might be able to find a good movie here or there on HBO Now, you’re not going to get anywhere near the depth of Netflix or Amazon Prime. Of course, odds are most people won’t be surprised by this, as original programming is HBO’s bread and butter, not movies.


The Significance of These Findings

So what does it all mean? Netflix is still the king of streaming–and that includes movies. However, I’d say that all in all, if you’re a movie lover, not even the best streaming service is going to offer you enough to keep you occupied. You either need to subscribe to multiple services, or you need to rent/buy movies on Amazon or iTunes.

To find out which Certified Fresh movies are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now, click here.