Netflix and Amazon Stand Up for Net Neutrality with Day of Action

The fight to keep the internet neutral just got a huge boost thanks to two of the biggest names in streaming: Netflix and Amazon. The two streaming giants will participate in the “Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality 2017” which is set to take place on Wednesday, July 12. The “Day of Action” is a global campaign to promote awareness of the ongoing debate over net neutrality. Facebook, Google, Reddit, Spotify, and hundreds of other sites have already joined the campaign and will participate in the Day of Action in various ways.

If you don’t know how you feel about net neutrality, it’s time to take a stand – the future of the internet could be at stake. Net neutrality is the belief that the internet should be a neutral medium on which all users and websites have equal footing regardless of which internet service provider (ISP) through which they get their internet. Some of the biggest names in telecoms want to change that, making it legal for ISPs to charge customers more for using certain sites or slowing down connections to sites owned by other companies. Congress and the FCC are currently debating whether or not to undo some of the net neutrality protection currently in place in order to let ISPs begin controlling their users’ access to the web.

The fight for a neutral internet has serious consequences for the future of streaming video. As of now, ISPs cannot charge more for, block, or slow down users’ access to streaming services regardless of which companies might own those services or sites. Given that the largest names in ISPs have begun launching their own streaming services, we could see a future in which customers’ streaming options are limited by which ISPs are available in their area. Given that 50 million US homes have access to only one high-speed ISP based on their location, it’s easy to see why net neutrality is so important for consumers’ freedom of choice when it comes to streaming.

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