Netflix Animated Kid’s Show Bringing The Beatles To A New Generation

It’s not often that a kid’s show will have appeal to anyone outside the target demographic, but a Netflix original geared for two to five year old is quietly becoming a popular binge for fans of a certain “magical” band.

In the Netflix animated series Beat Bugs, a “Fab Five” of bug friends learn about the world around them and about themselves to the backing of the biggest hit of The Beatles (with vocals from today’s stars). Of course, one of the bug literally is a beetle.

Each 11 minute segment of Beat Bugs roughly follows the story of a Beatles song. In a lot of cases, lyrics are transposed to the screen quite literally, making for some impressive visuals and storytelling.

For adults, the appeal of course is getting to enjoy some classic Beatles tunes while entertaining the kids, but there’ also the allure of hearing these classic song by some of today’s biggest names like P!nk, Eddie Vedder, Sia and James Corden.

The Beatles’ catalogue is one of the most protected and impossible to work with in the music industry, so it is sort of a surprise that Netflix managed to nab the rights to more than 50 tunes, including “Help,” “Blackbird,” “Magical Mystery Tour,” and “Hello, Goodbye.” It turns out that it certainly wasn’t easy for Netflix, taking a little over three years, but they got it done.

The lessons taught in Beat Bugs are timeless, and when you consider that the Beatles’ music is some of the most iconic in music history, it’s not hard to see why plenty of adults without kids are watching this series on their own.

Right now, two seasons of Beat Bugs are available, with 26 total episodes.