Netflix Announces First Original Animated Feature Film

America: The Motion Picture

Netflix has become one of the biggest success stories in content creation and streaming video. The company successfully transitioned from a mail-order DVD rental company to a full-fledged original content creation studio and has more than tripled their subscriber volume since 2011. The first Netflix original series was House of Cards, launched in 2013 and which has since gone on to win six Primetime Emmys and two Golden Globe awards. Since then, many other Netflix original series and films have gone on to receive fan praise and critical acclaim. In fact, Netflix’s originals consistently outrank the popularity of their other streaming competitors by far. Netflix released 126 original series or films in 2016 alone, many more than any other streaming service or traditional television network.

So far, most of Netflix’s original series have been live action, but Netflix does produce several animated children’s shows and the adult-oriented animated series Bojack Horseman. A new announcement this week, however, hints that the streaming service is now aiming to expand its animated offerings by breaking into the animated feature market. Netflix announced its first animated feature will be titled America: The Motion Picture. The film will be aimed at adult audiences and boast an R-rating, a daring choice for Netflix’s first original animated feature.

Archer executive producers and Adult Swim alum Matt Thompson and Adam Reed will produce America: The Motion Picture and Thompson will direct. Many of the members of the writing staff from the wildly successful The Lego Movie have been tapped for writing duties on America: The Motion Picture. A script has been written by David Callaham, the screenwriter behind The Expendables and the upcoming sequel to Zombieland. The film is being described as a satirical take on the tale of George Washington and the founding of America, perfectly timed subject matter for the surreal, nonsensical climate of today’s political landscape.

Anyone familiar with Reed and Thompson’s prior work on Archer, Frisky Dingo, or Sealab 2021 should expect the same level of witty dialogue and signature combination of highbrow and lowbrow humor. Former stripper Channing Tatum has been cast to voice the lead role of America’s first president, making this his third voice acting role after voicing Superman The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie. Hopefully, that role as one of America’s legendary icons will prepare him for voicing one of our nation’s beloved founding figures in what should surely be a hit for Netflix.