Netflix App Is The Top Grossing In The US For The First Time

Not long after they announced offline streaming, the Netflix app was the top grossing iPhone app in the United States for the very first time. Netflix has always been one of the most popular apps, but the number of mobile users has been growing at an incredible pace in recent months.

The app’s rise to the top of the iOS charts began back in September of 2015 when Netflix launched a feature specifically for Apple users to sign up for the service straight through the app rather than visiting the website. Just last month, Netflix was the seventh highest grossing iOS app overall ,with about $50,000 in revenue per week. Since then, the growth hasn’t stopped, as in app subscriptions have skyrocketed to almost $3 million a week.

It makes sense of course, when you figure that the ability to download shows for later would appeal most to mobile phone users, and the long-awaited feature was enough for many people to sign up for the first time.

The surge in Netflix subscriptions also likely came from the release of the very highly anticipated Gilmore Girls revival, plus the second season of Fuller House due out later this week.

The streaming service is working hard to increase their subscriber base against fairly strong competition from names like Amazon and Hulu, so this is nothing but good news for Netflix.