Netflix Targets Creepy New ‘Black Mirror’ Ads Specifically To People Using Ad Blocking Software

One of Netflix’s newest offerings is using a spooky, yet perfectly appropriate method to advertise. For the third season of “Black Mirror,” a series that taps into people’s general unease about the modern world and reliance on technology, Netflix is specifically targeting users who are using ad blocking software.

“Hello Ad Blocker user. You can’t see the ad.” reads one example, “But this ad can see you. What’s on the other side of your Black Mirror?”

Black Mirror focuses on things exactly like this happening: technology going awry. And for users who have ad blockers installed to avoid just this sort of thing, it’s certainly unsettling. This show is enough to instill techo-paranoia in anyone, so if you’re in to sci-fi (or you loved the old Twilight Zone), give this one a shot.

At the moment, it’s not entirely clear how Netflix is even serving up these ads, or how they’re detecting when users are running ad-blocking software. The most common theory though, is that many ad blocking softwares actually sell ads of their own (they have to make money of course!) and it’s believed that Netflix purchased these ads specifically to create an uneasy experience.