Netflix Cancels ‘Girlboss’ After One Disappointing Season

Netflix might be throwing huge sums of cash at its original productions, but that doesn’t mean that these series are immune to getting the axe. Netflix has recently gone on a cancellation spree, saying goodbye to hip-hop history tale The Get Down, the Wachowski sisters’ sci-fi thriller Sense8, all the while Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has been hinting that he wants to see more cancellations of original series. Now it seems Hastings got his wish, because Netflix just announced it is cancelling one of its latest original series, Girlboss, in light of horrible reviews and viewership.

Girlboss is a semi-autobiographical comedy-drama about Sophia Amoruso, founder of once-popular online clothing retailer Nasty Gal. Amoruso’s business began as a meager eBay shop but went on to grow into a massive online outlet, making Amoruso one of the wealthiest self-made women in the world – for a time. Nasty Gal eventually went into bankruptcy, and Amoruso wrote a memoir named for the once-booming store.

The series fictionalizes many parts of Amoruso’s narrative in an attempt to make the series more appealing to audiences. It didn’t work, apparently. Variety writes that Girlboss “appears to be stuck in its own striving, making for an oddly perfunctory journey. Much like Sophia Amoruso in 2006, Girlboss does not seem to know what it wants to be when it grows up.” Vanity Fair, meanwhile, calls Girlboss Netflix’s “first truly terrible show.” Ouch.

These cancellations show that Netflix isn’t merely concerned with subscriptions, which the streaming giant keeps picking up left and right despite a few series here and there which miss the mark. Netflix’s forays into big-name film festivals and the international market prove that the streaming service might be trying to become something more than it is: a full-fledged production studio of top-notch content. These cancellations just prove that sometimes you have to break a few original series eggs to make the world’s most popular streaming video omelette.