Netflix Casts Upcoming ‘Carmen Sandiego’ Reboot

Gina Rodriguez will voice Carmen Sandiego.

Netflix is piling on the 1990s nostalgia hard. The streaming service has brought back one iconic 90s series after another. So far, Netflix has revived the much-beloved Tanner family with its Fuller House reboot, the far-out educational series The Magic School Bus, and a new science series starring captivating 90s TV personality and iconic science nerd Bill Nye. Now, to the delight of aging, sentimental millennials everywhere, Netflix is bringing back one of the most intriguing 90s TV series/game show/video game characters: Carmen Sandiego.

In the various video game and television series named after her, Carmen Sandiego is the criminal mastermind and sometimes villain behind an international ring of spies and thieves. In each incarnation, Sandiego and her henchman are bent on getting their hands on some of the world’s most priceless historical artifacts and works of art. Series protagonists and game show contestants took the form of detectives hunting her down through both space and time – and learning a lot about history, art, and geography along the way. The new Carmen Sandiego features the lady in red outwitting her pursuers for twenty 22-minute animated episodes. According to io9, the series will focus on Carmen’s origins alongside her worldwide clandestine operations, naturally.

Finn Wolfhard, best known for the screen-stealing Mike Wheeler on Stranger Things, is set to voice “the player” hunting down Carmen while Gina Rodriguez will voice Carmen Sandiego herself. Rodriguez won a Golden Globe in 2015 for her work on The CW series Jane the Virgin and appeared in the unnecessary Mark Wahlberg disaster film Deepwater Horizon. The new Carmen Sandiego series doesn’t have a release date yet, but a 2019 release date is expected.

No word yet on whether Rockapella will be back to provide a theme song. Fingers crossed.