Netflix Drops First Official Trailer For Iron Fist

Netflix has been teasing Marvel fans with images and details about the new Iron Fist series for a while now, but we’re finally getting a first look at the show thanks to the first official trailer, which was just released. And if this trailer is any indication of the show, it’s going to be a must watch. Spoiler alert: Finn Jones kicks a lot of butt.

The story in Iron Fist takes place 15 years after Danny Rand, thought to be dead in a plane crash, shows up in New York City to find his place within his father’s company and his family’s legacy. Of course, not everyone is happy about his return. He sets out to fight NYC’s criminals and clean up corruption, taking on his enemies with mastery of kung-fu plus the ability to summon a supernatural, super human power that leaves him with literal, glowing iron fists.

The official trailer for Iron Fist doesn’t give up too much information about the show’s plot, but does feature plenty of fists flying. If anything, it looks like this may be one of the most action-packed shows in Netflix’s Marvel lineup.

Iron Fist is set to make its Netflix debut on March 17, joining a long list of other Marvel shows on Netflix, including Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones. In this show, Rand is billed as “the final defender” because next up in line for Marvel and Netflix is the highly anticipated series The Defenders, which actually brings these four to work together as a team.

The Iron Fist character hasn’t been seen in a live action format too often, but insiders are saying that if this show does well, a feature film adaptation is entirely possible. And given the success Netflix has had with their other Marvel shows, this should be nothing but a hit.