Netflix introduces “Top 10” feature to show most popular shows

If you’re tired of the Netflix algorithm suggesting shows for you to watch, the streaming giant has now rolled out a feature to let you see what everyone else is watching.

Starting today, Netflix has added a “Top 10” row to its homepage with a lineup of the most popular shows and movies for that day in the U.S. Click on each individual movie or show, and you’ll see a top 10 lists for each individual category. To make things a little easier, the top 10 row looks a little different than other content.

The top 10 will change every day, but the actual positioning of the row will move depending how relevant Netflix thinks the corresponding shows are for you. If you switch over to just TV shows or movies, there will be an additional top 10 list of just that category of content. Netflix has had “popular” and “trending” content before, but not an officially ranked list that shows popularity.

The feature actually isn’t completely new, as it’s been around in the United Kingdom and Mexico since last year. Users responded well to both of those rollouts, which is why the feature is making it to the U.S.

In April of 2019, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wrote “For those who want to watch what others are watching, this may make choosing titles even easier.” The company has confirmed that both licensed content and Netflix originals are eligible to make it to the top 10 list.

Content making the list earn a special top 10 badge that will appear anytime that content is searched in the future.

Artie Beaty