Netflix Lands New Ridley Scott Sci-Fi Film ‘Hello America’

While some Netflix users complain about the streaming service’s shrinking library of A-list films and user interface changes keeps the trend of signing big-name talent to its original productions. According to Deadline, the streaming giant recently acquired the film rights to Hello America, a 1981 sci-fi novel by JG Ballard. Hello America is set in the year 2114 AD after an unknown disaster has rendered North America unlivable. After radiation levels spike in England, a steamship sails to America to try and unravel the mystery. As the ship’s crew explores the ravaged American wasteland, they uncover secrets, surprises, and scoundrels at every turn.

Ridley Scott, the visionary director and producer behind such legendary science fiction films as Blade Runner, the Alien series, and even Thelma and Louise, has signed on as executive producer alongside his team at his own Scott Free productions. Hello America will be the second Netflix/Scott Free venture; the two firms will co-produce the upcoming Navy SEAL film War Party starring Tom Hardy.

As more and more big-name announcements roll out of Netflix’s press center, it’s clear that the streaming service is shifting its priorities from being a third-party host of licensed content to a full-on production house. In fact, rumors have it that Netflix is even building a studio in Hollywood where its original films and series will be produced. Netflix has always been an innovator in the streaming world, and its competitors might soon find themselves playing a completely different game as more and more A-list talent sign deals with the company.