Netflix Offers First Look of New Animated ‘Godzilla’ Film

Maybe it’s those pesky primadonna actors or the fact that studio space is expensive, but whatever the reason is, Netflix is seriously stepping up its animated releases lately. From the upcoming Carmen Sandiego series to the soon-to-be released Castlevania anime, animation fans have plenty to be excited about. Just last month at France’s prestigious Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Netflix generated even more animation buzz with a recently released sneak preview teaser for the upcoming animated film Godzilla: Monster Planet which debuts later this year.

A black-and-white poster was on display at the ‘Work in Progress’ section of the festival and shows this new iteration of Godzilla to be quite different from previous incarnations. This Godzilla is bulkier and covered in thick muscles with a ridge of Stegosaurus-like spines along its back. The newly-released trailer shows the film to be a futuristic sci-fi tale full of sleek spacecraft, typical moody anime characters, and hulking monsters. Despite the updates, Godzilla fans will be pleased to hear that the iconic roar made famous in the classic Japanese films will return in all of its screechy glory.

Godzilla: Monster Planet is set in 2048 on an Earth which has been overrun by kaiju (monsters) and follows the groups of humans who attempt to reclaim their home planet from the giant monsters. Godzilla: Monster Planet will be the first film in a trilogy and marks the first time the iconic city-stomping monster has appeared in an animated feature film in Godzilla’s 60-year history. The film is being produced by Polygon Pictures and Japan’s Toho Animation studio and directed by K?bun Shizuno, director of the beloved Detective Conan anime films.

Godzilla: Monster Planet will be released in theaters in Japan in November 2017, after which the film will be available for streaming worldwide on Netflix.