Netflix To Reportedly Offer Offline Viewing Later This Year

One of the best things about Netflix and other streaming services is the ability to take your content wherever you go, but one of the worst things is that you either have to find a Wi-Fi connection to watch or eat up a lot of your data allowance.

Binge watching on the go may be a little easier later this year though because reports are saying that the streaming giant will soon add an option for offline viewing.

While Netflix has said nothing about this feature on their end, the COO of Taitz, a “download and go” software company has indeed said they’re working on downloadable content Netflix, and that the feature will likely debut by the end of the year. For their part, a Netflix spokesperson simply said they have nothing to add at this time.

Here’s how it could work: Netflix users would download a specific video to their device while connected to Wi-Fi or data, and then pull up the videos later with no connection needed. It’s not clear if the downloaded content would be able to be transferred anywhere else. Comcast and Amazon already offer similar features, although the option is only available for a small portion of their material.

It’s not really known what Netflix shows this will apply to, but if they follow the lead of other providers, it won’t be everything. Many people are speculating that the option will only be available for Netflix originals, including all of Netflix’s new Marvel shows.