Heads Up, 80s Kids: Netflix Original ‘The Toys That Made Us’ Will Take You Back to Childhood

It seems like nostalgia is all the rage these days, especially 80s and 90s. Even streaming services like Netflix are getting in on the action, rebooting fan favorites like Full House and others from that time period. But a new Netflix original series is going to take any child of the 80’s straight back to their childhood.

Titled The Toys That Made Us, it’s an eight part documentary series that explores the story of some of the most iconic toys from the 1980s, including Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, Barbie, He-Man, Star Trek, Hello Kitty, and Lego.

A release date for the series hasn’t been set yet, but the show’s Facebook page indicates the first season is still in production. A January 19 posting pictured the show’s “battle board” – a wall lined with sticky notes regarding the creative process. Eight different columns are shown (the eight toys listed above) with copious notes under each. On that post, the show’s creator noted that he had been “trying to sell this show for over five years” and that he was “a collector himself.” “Literally a dream come true,” he closed.

So it looks like the show is going to be headed by people that have a true passion for these toys and telling their story – something that’s surely going to be appreciated by the kids that grew up playing with them. Any kid born in the late 70s or 80s probably played with nearly all of the toys on this list, so expect The Toys That Made Us to be a nice little trip down memory lane.

Netflix has been riding the nostalgia train fairly hard in recent months, so this show seems like it would fit in nicely with their other offerings. Follow the show’s Facebook page for more details about production and details on a release date for the series when the time comes.