Netflix Signs Bigfoot Film ‘Pottersville’ With Michael Shannon

While everyone has been focused on the controversy surrounding Netflix and the Cannes Film Festival rules, Netflix execs have been behind the scenes negotiating deals left and right. The streaming service has acquired the rights to release several high-profile independent films being shopped around at the prestigious French festival, including a highly-anticipated heist/buddy film starring Rihanna and Lupita Nyongo’o. Now, insiders at Cannes have revealed that Netflix is close to signing a deal with the UTA Independent Film Group to pick up Pottersville, a drama-comedy starring Michael Shannon and America’s favorite mythical man-beast: Bigfoot.

Pottersville centers around a small-town businessman, played by Shannon, who goes on a drunken bender one fateful night only to end up roaming the woods on the outskirts of town in a gorilla costume. Don’t judge – we’ve all been there. After the costume-wearing man is mistaken for Bigfoot, a media frenzy ensues and the small town finds itself suddenly the attention of national media. Shannon’s character must then grapple with the moral dilemma of revealing the truth and spoiling the fun or keeping the lie to himself and letting the town have its fifteen minutes of fame.

The film also stars Christina Hendricks, Ian McShane, Ron Perlman, and Thomas Lennon. Pottersville is written by Daniel Meyer and directed by Seth Henrikson, who previously worked with Shannon on the short Zamboni Man. No release date has been set.