Netflix Picks Up ‘Love Alarm,’ Its First Original Series From South Korea

As Netflix expands their global reach, one of the biggest advantages for subscribers isn’t necessarily that content will be available to the rest of the world, but that content will be available from the rest of the world.

It was just last year that Netflix ordered their first original series from India, and now another nation is being checked off that list. The streaming giant has ordered a live adaptation of the popular South Korean web comic Love Alarm.

Korean pop culture is surprising popular outside of the nation, and Netflix is seeking to capitalize on that with a 12 part series that’s centered on a smartphone dating app tells people if someone within 10 meters around them has romantic feeling for them.

The show will be Jaemoon Lee and a new production company called Hidden Sequence. Lee has been involved with several very popular South Korean dramas like office drama An Incomplete Life and police drama Signal. About the task of translating from an online comic to a live-action TV show, Lee added “We want Love Alarm, the TV series, to exhibit the liveliness and expression of emotions, with visual treatments that will reflect Ms. Chon’s vision when she created the story.”

Love Alarm should be available on Netflix in 2018.