Netflix Planning Almost 20 Original Reality Shows

Netflix said not too long ago that they planned on having half of their catalog be original content in the next few years, and it looks like the gears are already in motion for that to happen as the chief content officer Ted Sarandos announced that Netflix has nearly 20 of their own reality shows in the works.

The shows range in style, but most will be “competition” based it seems, where participants are going head to head instead of “Big Brother” or “Real Housewives” style shows where viewers watch people interact. At a television event in London, Sarandos said, “We are embarking on a lot of unscripted programming. The newest thing we’re encroaching on are competition shows.”

Sarandos used Netflix’s recent “Ultimate Beastmaster” project as an example of what viewers can expect. Ultimate Beastmaster (with Sylvester Stallone as executive producer) features 100 contestants from around the world tackling tough obstacle courses until only one is left.

Right now, Netflix now has 30 original shows in production, with 35 kids programs coming and 60 documentaries. Almost all of Netflix’s original shows are more watched than their licensed content, and cheaper too, so it make sense Netflix would turn their focus there.

At the most recent Emmy awards, Netflix had 17 different shows that brought home 54 awards, so they’re putting out quality content.