Netflix plans to ramp up growth with mobile/TV bundles

In an incredibly saturated streaming market, Netflix is getting aggressive. The company recently announced its growth for the last quarter, and while things are trending strongly upward for the streaming giant, they have plans to grow even faster.

According to Greg Peters, the chief product officer for Netflix, the company is plannign partnerships with pay television, internet service provider, and wireless phone service companies. He pointed to a recent agreement with European TV operator Sky as an example, noting a multi year agreement already in place. “It starts by just being available on the set-top box or the device that they’re using to watch TV,” he said. “We can put Netflix there and make it easy to see the service and potentially sign up there. But increasingly now with bundles, we’ve removed yet another point of friction.”

Stateside, Netflix already has very close partnerships with Comcast and T-Mobile.

Ironically, he noted that there’s a growing demand among consumers for streaming service bundles, where one discounted fee is paid for access to a wide swath of content providers  – almost like cable. “I think there are multiple different opportunities to find the right mix where we’re able to introduce Netflix as part of a set of offerings,” he noted. “And just make it simple for people to sign up, and it’s logical and intuitive for them to go do so.”