Netflix Releases First Trailer For Gilmore Girls “Year In the Life” Revival

The upcoming Netflix Gilmore Girls revival has been one of the most highly anticipated releases in some time from the streaming giant, and while Netflix has been teasing fans for a while, they’ve finally released the first trailer for the new show.

The trailer actually reveals a lot in the way of details takes viewers back to Stars Hollow as we see the mother and daughter Gilmore duo in their kitchen. Among other details, we learn that Lorelai is seeing a shrink, Tori Spelling gets a shout out, and Sookie is indeed back.

The majority of the original Gilmores are back for the revival, and while overall details are scarce, we do know that the new series will be released in four parts corresponding with four season that make up “A Year In the Life” of the Gilmores.

The first episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, the winter episode, will be released on Netflix on November 25.