Netflix Releases First Trailer For Original Film ‘Girlfriend’s Day’

Their original TV shows have mostly exceeded expectations, but Netflix‘s foray into original films hasn’t gone quite as well. Their original films have been okay, but aside from 13th, none have been as well received as their shows.

That could change though, with the release of an upcoming original film, Girlfriend’s Day. In this comedy noir film, the former king of greeting card romance poems, Ray Wentworth, finds himself wrapped up in a web of murder and deceit as he (along with other writers) tried to create the perfect card for a new holiday – Girlfriend’s Day.

Netflix has released the fist trailer for Girlfriend’s Day, and it sort of looks like expected – a silly, irreverent film that’s a bit of a lark, but plenty entertaining. If the lead here looks familiar, that’s Bob Odenkirk, and you probably know him as Saul Goodman from Better Call Saul.

Appropriately enough, the film is set to debut on Valentine’s Day.