Netflix Releases Lastest ISP Speed Index, Verizon Still the Winner in America

Netflix has released their ISP Speed Index for September 2016, a look at what Internet providers around the world give the best prime time streaming experience. Better Netflix performance usually means a better overall picture quality, faster start times and fewer buffering interruptions.

Seven Latin American countries were added to the index this month, including El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago, Paraguay, and Venezuela.

For the United States, there wasn’t any major movement this month, as Verizon FiOS was the winner with 3.7 Mbps and BrightHouse, Optimum and Cox trailed just behind them at 3.6 Mbps. Comcast, Time Warner and Charter all had 3.5 Megabit connections, and AT&T U-Verse and Suddenlink had 3.4. It’s clear from these numbers that in a crowded American Internet market, there’s really not too much of a connection speed difference among the top companies (at least when talking Netflix).

For India, Spectranet moved in to first place overall with an average connection speed of 2.17 Megabits per second (up a little bit from 2.13 Mbps in August). YOU Broadband fell down three spots to eighth place with a 1.53 Mbps average month.

MEO was the fastest in Portugal, as they jumped from 3.2 Mbps in August to 3.52 Mbps in September.

Vodafone was the winner in Spain, rising two spots from number three last month to number one this month (an average monthly speed of 3.77 Mbps for September).

In Thailand, CAT was the biggest riser, increasing .51 Mbps in September, bringing their average monthly speed to 2.56 Mbps.

This index isn’t necessarily a measure of overall Internet performance since no other services or data are considered expect Netflix.