Netflix Releases ‘Master of None’ Season 2

Aziz Ansari as Dev Patel

Fans of the groundbreaking, pull-no-punches Netflix original series Master of None have had to wait nearly eighteen months for this moment: season two of Master of None has finally arrived on Netflix. Master of None is a comedy-drama series set in New York city which follows the adventures and misadventures of Dev Shah (Aziz Ansari), a struggling actor in New York City. Dev tries to break free of the stereotypical roles offered to Indian-Americans with varying degrees of success while also attempting to navigate the complicated post-Tinder NYC dating scene – also with varying degrees of success.

The first season of Master of None was widely praised as a breath of fresh air in the comedy world. The New York Times described the first season as “the year’s best comedy straight out of the gate” when it debuted in 2015. The second season has been received just as warmly by critics and audiences alike. Vanity Fair‘s Laura Bradley writes that the second season avoids the common second-season mistake of parroting the first season joke-for-joke. Instead, she writes, “refuses to repeat the beats it already hit in its first chapter. This installment follows its own rhythm, with digressions and backstories that allow viewers to see even more of the characters’ worlds without ever seeming complacent.” Vox, meanwhile, writes that the show “might be the show of the year.”

Each of the ten episodes of the second season has been described like its own miniature film, exploring ancillary characters and diversions from the plot that make each episode stand out against a television landscape full of predictable procedural series. In fact, even the lengths of the episodes vary widely, with the longest coming in just under an hour and the shortest at just over twenty minutes. All ten episodes of season two of Master of None are available to stream on Netflix.