Netflix Releases New ‘Bright’ Trailer at Comic Con

Netflix released a new Bright trailer at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, showing off the best look yet at the upcoming urban fantasy/cop drama starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. Bright is set in an alternate reality in which humans coexist alongside creatures from fantasy fiction such as orcs and goblins – to varying degrees of success. Smith plays an LAPD cop who is partnered with an orc (Edgerton) who together must stop and/or solve the city’s many supernatural crimes.

The new Bright trailer shows the film to be not your average cop movie, but will build upon and play with many conventions of well known buddy cop tropes. The trailer shows that Bright will use the interactions between its various races of fantasy creature as a (perhaps not so) thinly-veiled subtext for discussing the current racial tensions experienced in many American cities.

After the Bright trailer debuted at Comic Con, Smith told Bright panel attendees that while there has been quite a bit of debate and controversy over Netflix’s distribution models lately, he fully stands behind the streaming service and believes Netflix represents the future of film and TV. “It’s interesting to be at the forefront of a new way to consume entertainment,” Smith told Comic Con attendees, “I’m extremely excited to see where this thing goes.”

Bright’s director David Ayer (Fury, Suicide Squad) says the streaming service is changing the rules of the game in real time, offering filmmakers a level of creative freedom not typically offered by Hollywood studio productions:

This may not quite land with you guys, but (Netflix) is the opposite of what the real situation is with other filmmakers. They’re going to pull a lot more talent. They’re supportive of the process. It feels like it’s 20 years ago with them. Netflix gave me all the tools, the resources to make this movie. The environment on set felt like an independent film.

Bright is scheduled to premiere exclusively on Netflix on December 22, 2017.