Netflix Releases and Renews ‘Castlevania’

Netflix‘s new Castlevania animated series was released last week and has already gained serious critical and audience appreciation. The series is based on the classic vampire-hunting video game franchise of the same name which follows the Belmont family on their quest to rid the world of monsters, dark magics, and evil in all of its forms. Netflix announced the series would be returning for a second season on the same day that season one was released, showing that the streaming service already has high hopes for the series.

When the new animated series was announced, the gaming and geek corners of the internet lost their collective minds, not only because the iconic game series was getting a long-due adaptation but also because the names attached to the series. The series was written by comic book legend Warren Ellis, whose comic resume includes Astonishing X-Men, Thunderbolts, Moon Knight, and the Iron Man story arc on which the Marvel Iron Man movies are based. Castlevania is directed by Adi Shankar, who produced Dredd (2012) and The Grey (2011) starring Liam Neeson.

This new Castlevania series follows Trevor Belmont, a vampire hunter determined to protect the people of Wallachia from the forces of darkness. When the vampiric count Vlad Dracula Tepes declares war on all humans following the murder of his wife, Belmont steps up as the defender of humanity. The series is gruesome and violent, depicting the violence between vampires and their hunters with a teeth-clenching viserality that is definitely not for children.

Reviews for Castlevania have so far been mixed, with some television critics noting that the series at time appears to have more spectacle than substance. Nevertheless, many of the geekier news outlets have praised the series, calling it a “triumph for video game adaptations” and “a resounding success.”

The four-episode first season is streaming on Netflix now, while the eight-episode second season does not yet have a release date.