Netflix Releases ‘Sense8’ Season 2 Trailer

Netflix has released the first official trailer for season two of its original science fiction thriller Sense8. The series follows eight individuals from across the globe known as “sense eights” who suddenly find themselves telepathically linked with one another. As they seek answers for their mysterious shared power, a shadowy organization begins attempting to hunt them down, because, as a voice in the trailer puts it, “sense eights are a threat to secrecy.” The trailer shows this season of Sense8 to be much more action-heavy than season one, which contained quite a bit of exposition in order to establish its plot and setting.

Sense8 is written and directed by series creators Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski, the creative minds behind The Matrix and the film version of Cloud Atlas. The series boasts some serious star power, featuring Naveen Andrews, Daryl Hannah, Doona Bae, Terrance Mann, and more. Despite having such an impressive list of names on its credits, however, the series has received mixed reviews. Sense8 currently receives a 68% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with a critical consensus claiming the show’s plotlines “border on illogical, but the diverse characters and the creative intersections between their stories keep the Wachowskis’ Sense8 compelling.” IndieWire, meanwhile, writes that the series sometimes feels “deliberately complicated” and “so stripped down that some of the fundamentals become hard to grasp.”

Regardless of how critics might have received the show so far, Sense8 enjoys a strong cult following and shows that Netflix isn’t afraid to produce daring, innovative content far removed from the cut-and-paste procedurals of network television. Series like Sense8, Stranger Things, and Black Mirror show that Netflix is building an impressive line-up of original sci-fi shows, some of which have in fact become some of the streaming service’s most popular series. All eight episodes of season two of Sense8 will be available for streaming on May 5th.