Netflix Releases Teaser for Original Film ‘Game Over Man’

Netflix keeps its constant barrage of original material coming. The streaming giant is investing billions in new original series and films over the next few years, and that strategy has been paying off with a return of more and more new subscribers. While some of their original projects and investments might seem questionable, Netflix’s original content continues to be ranked among the best on the streaming market. Let’s hope that trend continues with the announcement of Game Over Man, an original Netflix comedy from the trio who brought us Workaholics.

The recently-released teaser for Game Over Man features Holm, Anderson, and Devine in white tuxedos goofing around and lighting joints with gun-shaped lighters. The teaser doesn’t reveal much other than that the film will involve the same brand of stoner/bro humor that made Workaholics resonate with its millennial audience. According to the film’s description on IMDB, the plot of the action/comedy centers around “three friends [who] are on the verge of getting their video game financed when their benefactor is taken hostage by terrorists.”

Much of the same team behind Workaholics will return for Game Over Man, including writers and actors Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, and Adam Devine and director Kyle Newacheck. Seth Rogen, a veteran of stoner comedy behind such films as Pineapple Express and Sausage Party, has signed on as a producer. Game Over Man will appropriately be released next year on 4/20. Plenty of time to get your own gun-shaped lighter.