Netflix Releases ‘The Get Down’ Part II

The Netflix original series The Get Down has been hailed as one of the most ambitious series in television. When the series was being produced, it was estimated that each of the six episodes of part one of The Get Down would cost nearly $10 million a piece, making it not only Netflix’s most expensive series to date, but also one of the most expensive television series of all time. That price tag paid off, however, as The Get Down has received near-unanimous critical praise since the release of part one of season one last year and is among Netflix’s most-watched series.

The Get Down follows the story of a group of resourceful Brooklyn teenagers in the late 1970s who, without knowing it, manage to invent hip-hip from the ground up. After the first part of season one debuted on Netflix, GQ magazine wrote that “there really hasn’t been anything like it on TV this year, and there probably won’t be, either. It is ambitious and heartfelt and colorful, set against a fascinating backdrop that really comes alive in a way that few period dramas are able to manage.” Netflix is now set to find out if it can keep the magic alive in part two of season one, as five new episodes were recently made available to stream on April 7th.

A few reviews of part two are already out, and they so far remain mixed. Critics have noted that the second half of season one has managed to build upon the aspects that made part one a success, but occasionally veers into the bizarre:

In fact, when The Get Down is at its worst–namely, in the penultimate episode, which is reminiscent of Moulin Rouge in its feverish mania, marching its characters towards a weird burlesque hell in a manner that feels like it’s from another show entirely–it remains transfixing. The show doesn’t half-ass anything, even its bad ideas.

The Get Down is the brainchild of Baz Luhrmann, best known for his over-the-top musicals and dramas like Romeo+Juliet, Moulin Rouge!, and The Great Gatsby. Luhrmann’s films certainly aren’t for everyone and lead to either love-it or hate-it responses from most viewers. The Get Down stars Jaden Smith, Herizen Guardiola, T.J. Brown, Jr., and Justice Smith. All eleven episodes of season one are now available to stream on Netflix.